Fresh off the release of his recent single ‘You’re Not Around’, Stockholm-based producer Kimchii continues to deliver those uplifting sonic odysseys full of groove and wonder with his brand new groover ‘When The Night Falls Down’.

Featuring the glowing vocals of one of his best friends Gabriella Lahti, ‘When The Night Falls Down’ invites us to bask in its warmth across the welcoming instrumentation of nostalgic keys and synths, as well as the playful disco-inspired groove of the percussion. With both vocalists melodies melding into one another to form a solid partnership that carries the catchy chorus through, ‘When The Night Falls Down’ opens up many possibilities for all in its path with its highly encouraging messaging held in the catchy chorus melody.

“The process of making this track with one of my best friends Gabriella was kind of an epic journey. We’ve been knowing each other for more than 10 years but never done anything musical together before. Getting started in the studio for the first time, we instantly went to higher dimensions. The energy and creativity seemed endless and there were these magic moments I just can’t explain.” – Kimchii  

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