With only a few months to go till the release of their ‘Loving In Stereo’ album drops, Jungle continue to provide us with exceptional glimpses of what’s in store through their latest ‘Talk About It’, a fast-paced journey fill with anthemic hooks and thrilling instrumentation that will be stuck in your head from the first listen.

Immediately as ‘Talk About It’ begins, Jungle waste no time and introduced the fast-paced tempo to the arena through the spirited drums and groovy bass line that forms a cohesive bond in the backdrop whilst the captivating strings and piano add further intensity to the overall picture painted. With the catchy chorus melody playfully moving alongside the jam-packed mix, Jungle ensure the track cements itself as a ridiculously addictive tune with plenty of groove across all bases of the piece.

“Talk About It is the second single from our 3rd LP Loving In Stereo and it definitely gives listeners another taste of the energy we’ve delivered on this album. The bass riff and drum break were recorded very early on during the process of making this record and it was one of the songs where we really bottled the essence of the idea from very early on and not over-work it. The video is high energy and was one of the last we shot during the week of filming. You can see that the dancers are at their limit and that gives an incredible atmosphere to the performances.” – Jungle

Out Now Via: Caiola Records / AWAL
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