Australian producer Friendless continues to bring the heat this year, this time enlisting Sydney electro-pop vocalist XIRA for a true house banger titled ‘Lay Low’, an addictive house-influenced offering full of catchy melodies and intoxicating instrumentation that’ll be a welcomed addition to any club around town.

Friendless allows plenty of space in the mix for XIRA‘s mesmerising vocals in the early stages to drive the romanticised message in the lyrics, all the while subtly injecting the club influence into the arena bit by bit. With the fast-paced chords melding into the deepened percussion, Friendless carefully combines the anthemic melodies with the electronic instrumentation to lead into the drop where we are met with a thick and juicy synth bass that smacks you across the face with its power, and drives the groove alongside the playful groove on offer in the drums that gives listeners the podium to fully immerse themselves in. 

“’Lay Low’ is at its heart a love song, about stealing away and just escaping the world together. I wanted to give the track an energy that would be euphoric in a club and equally at home being cranked way up on a road trip.” – Friendless

Stream: Be Rich Records
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