Following on from being asked by Major Lazer to remix their latest single ‘Titans’, Sydney vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist FLUIR brings forth a brand new single ‘Better Off Alone’ that combines commanding synths with angelic melodies that breeze through the mix in an effortless manner.

Drawing echoes of RUFUS DU SOL in its approach, ‘Better Off Alone’ centres itself on robust synths stabbing through with major impact to drive the groove alongside the uplifting groove held in the percussion. This all plays in well with the atmospheric elements created in the soundscape, such as the atmospheric pads and FLUIR‘s airy vocals that collectively encompass all remaining space in the mix to provide a depth-defying production.

“Despite knowing that you’re better off without that somebody in your life, you keep holding on because you’re addicted to the drama”.  – FLUIR

Stream via: Rola Door Records
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