French producer Darius continues to make waves with his intoxicating brand of house music, and in the case of his brand new single ‘Feels Right’ with Duñe the trend has never been stronger through an effortless blend of warm instrumentation combined with hazy vocals.

‘Feels Right’ centres itself around a robust blend of electronic instrumentation that provides a impenetrable wall of sound comprised of an ultra-smooth synth bass setting the mood just right whilst the keys and synths bring sparks of energy that energise the mix immensely. With Duñe‘s raspy vocals floating above the instrumentation in a majestic manner, Darius produces plenty of charisma and allure throughout the duration of the track that makes it perfect for getting the party started just right.

“For a year, I recorded a lot of demos with musicians, assuming a more funk and soul side. From these sessions, I sampled and then re-pitched, which gave those tracks a new life…The primary influences are still a mixture of hip hop, R’n’B, funk, disco, but it’s less experimental than before. It’s more colourful and more joyful, even in the progressions, I want it to be more positive.” – Darius

Stream via: Roche Musique
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