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Summer may be a distant memories for us down in Australia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t transport ourselves away with some sun-kissed goodness courtesy of Danish producer Caius and his latest groover ‘In The Sun’, a carefree summertime anthem that provides that necessary injection of Vitamin D into your soul with its vibrant soundscape.

‘In The Sun’ has all the necessary ingredients for it to be a bonafide summer anthem: an ultra smooth bass line, upbeat groove, shiny guitars and addictive melodies, that once combined produce an infectious amount of serotonin into your soul. Perfect for either your pre-drinks playlist, those long drives or simply to set the mood at your next party, Caius provides listeners with a podium to simply let go of all your troubles and bathe in the good times on offer.

“Before making ‘In The Sun’ I had been contemplating some months about how a contemporary take on French House/Sampled house of the early 00s would sound today. The soulfulness of tracks like Modjo – ‘Lady Hear Me Tonight’ or Roger Sanchez – ‘Another Chance’ is really unmatched to me. But it seemed like the style somewhat died out in the mid 00s, probably due to how hard it is to clear samples. So when I made ‘In The Sun’ it was one of my first attempts of channelling this vision into a production. And like often times when you grasp in the dark something magical just happened completely unintended.” – Caius

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