Only a matter of weeks ago we were graced with ‘Half Life’ from appleby, and in his brand new effort ‘Enough’ the bar has been raised significantly through an effortless display of warm instrumentation and breezy melodies that you simply fall in love with.

appleby utilises a softened tone with his melodies which glide majestically through the mix, whilst coupling quite nicely with the luscious pianos and playful drums that inject a positivity throughout the soundscape. ‘Enough’ showcases a vast depth in vocal samples utilised that fill up the mix to the brim, which in cohesion with the joyfulness already displayed splashes a considerable amount of vibrancy across the palate.

i wrote enough when i was overwhelmed with thoughts of how i treated the person im in love with. seeing my actions through her eyes and experiencing the moments, really the memories where i failed to make her feel like she’s my missing piece. that she’s enough and always has been.” – appleby

Stream via: WILDER Records
Artist Connect: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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