After a plethora of remixes for various artists already under his belt this year, Anoraak finally steps out on his own front with a super groovy new single titled ‘Karma’ which features the divine melodies of fellow French artist Sarah Maison, as well as the nostalgic music video to accompany the release.

It’s hard not to fall in love with ‘Karma’ from the word go, as Anoraak provides a vibrant instrumentation base of shimmering guitars, sultry bass and playful combination of pianos and drums that intertwine with each other ever so nicely, all while the majestic tones of Maison float effortlessly above the mix that adds that feeling of calmness to the overall aesthetic.

“I’m extremely proud to share with you today my new song KARMA, featuring the incredible songstress Sarah Maison. Check out the music video directed by Marco Dos Santos.” – Anoraak

Stream via: Endless Summer
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