Anoraak and Sarah Maison continue to build on their collaborative relationship that’s been delivering impeccable results with their ‘Karma’ EP, a five-track release that evokes a wide range of colour throughout its journey through funk and disco influence.

The ‘Karma’ EP showcases a freedom in its structure, providing plenty of sparsity and space within the mixes on offer that allow both Maison’s captivating vocals and the upbeat instrumentation plenty of room to work with. Featuring playful percussion, grooving bass lines and glowing synths/keys, Anoraak provides that welcomed sense of positivity and energy without overbearing the mix, therefore maintaining a sense of relaxation whilst getting you grooving.

“It’s here! My new EP “KARMA” featuring my incredible friend Sarah Maison. We worked on these 5 tracks during the unfriendly past year, remotely between Marseille and Paris, with a focus on freedom to recover and desire for hedonism. Now that the situation begins to improve it feels like the most perfect time to unveil this record I’m very proud of.” – Anoraak

Stream via: Endless Summer
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