The elusive indie electronic outfit, 53 Thieves, deliver their second single of the calendar year, ‘Waterfront.’ A global collaboration between four vocalists and producers who have never met in person, the group is remarkably emblematic of the obstacles we’ve faced over the past year. British singers Jess Mollie and Conor Jordan, New York-hailing producer Ronin, and Mississippi-based producer Pryces did not allow travel restrictions to restrict their creative output. Formed in 2019, 53 Thieves managed to establish themselves during a tumultuous year, acquiring north of 20 million streams and 900 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. On the heels of their acclaimed single ‘red leather’ arrives ‘Waterfront,’ an intuitive blend of R&B and electronic elements. In a press release, 53Thieves explained,

“‘Waterfront’ is about feeling empowered as a woman, and calling others to lift their heads and join alongside. The title intends to project an image of someone in front of a huge body of water but not allowing it to overwhelm them, standing their ground at the water’s edge.” 

The empowering underlying theme exemplifies the songwriting abilities of Mollie and Jordan, supported by the exceptional production work of Ronin and Pryces. 53 Thieves’ brand new offering is sure to continue the band’s ascension as the industry steers back toward live music. Distributed via ALT:Vision Records, ‘Waterfront’ is now streaming everywhere.

Stream via: ALT:Vision Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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