GRAMMY-nominated artist ZHU continues to deliver some of the deepest and darkest electronic music going around through the release of his third studio album ‘DREAMLAND 2021’, an eleven-track journey that transports you back to the club with its infectious grooves on offer.

Enlisting some big names on collaborative duties such as Yuna, Tinashe and producer Channel Tres to name a few, ‘DREAMLAND 2021’ gives you everything you’d expect from a ZHU album and more: seriously addictive grooves to lose yourself in, a darkened colour palate through intensified electronic instrumentation and those softened melodies that haunt the soundscape and all within its path. Whether ‘DREAMLAND 2021’ is your soundtrack to motivate yourself through that gruelling workout or get your party started just right, ZHU has come through with a seriously impressive release that without a doubt will strike a chord with all in its path.

“I don’t believe that music, dancing, the freedom of expression will be suppressed for much longer. They can’t—that’s against human nature.” – ZHU

Stream via: Astrawerks
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