Australian producer Wave Racer continues to bring through those buzzing soundscapes to our hearts with his brand new single ‘What Are We Waiting For?’, as well as some exciting news about an upcoming Australian tour which will be his first headline shows in nearly 5 years!

Returning to an instrumental path, ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ takes us on a journey of sound design with tantalising synths and guitars adding plenty of colour and energy to the mix. Through every twist and turn that these elements provide, Wave Racer takes listeners on a futuristic adventure full of wonder and openness that allows us all to take a step back and witness his expertise take full flight.

“This is the result of a creative exercise involving deliberate restriction…A proof of concept to prioritise process over materials. I limited my sound sources so I would have to be more creative with how I used them, kind of like playing a guitar with only two strings instead of six. It forced me to produce the music in a very different way to normal. Every drum sound was crafted from the same tiny piece of non-musical noise.” – Wave Racer

Tickets to Wave Racer‘s Australian tour are on sale now – click here to get yours.

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