UK artist Ted Jasper combines forces with Ohio-based rapper John Givez for an effortless yet quirky delight in ‘All Mine’, a track that fuses elements of lo-fi, pop and R&B together with absolute ease that you can easily lose yourself to.

‘All Mine’ combines flawless guitars, crispy percussion and light keys that results in an eclectic array of colour that is as bright as they come, whilst setting the soothing mood set for the effortless vocals of both Jasper and Givez to croon away with their playful melodies that ooze charisma respectively.

“I love that this song on the one hand seems to say ’I’m so powerful, I’m everywhere, it won’t take much for you to be mine’ whilst also being completely obsessive, begging to be close yet simultaneously bragging that this closeness is inevitable. John Givez really finished the picture I was trying to create, when he sent his verse it put the biggest smile on my face. He brought this whole new dimension of textures and meaning that I couldn’t have created myself. The stars really aligned with this feature.” – Ted Jasper

Stream: House Anxiety
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