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Sweden-based producer Slackin Beats balances the tightrope between darkened electronica and club-influenced bangers to perfection with the release of his latest EP ‘Finer Things’, a six-track offering that showcases an ever growing production skillset with a ridiculous amount of depth on offer throughout.

Slackin Beats utilises a murkiness in his colour palate as we journey our way through ‘Finer Things’, but manages to find a way to provide plenty of energy with various different elements coming to the forefront to provide a point of difference such as the fast-paced drums and the robust synths both tearing the mix apart with their sheer force. With every moment of club ready music on offer, Slackin Beats provides listeners with a momentary reprieve throughout ‘Finer Things’ whereby the overall tempo takes a step back and injects a subtle amount of groove that you’ll find yourself bopping your head to without even knowing. 

“My EP Finer Things features the singer Yari Blue and includes vocals samples from Naji and Swedish artists/rappers like Ozzy, BENNETT and Skander. “Finer Things” is about self-realisation and appreciating people around you. This project is about daring to be the best version of yourself. But also how I found myself as an artist and a producer. And how all influences, meetings with artists, inspirations from Malmö and own life experiences are mixed together into one project!” – Slackin Beats

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