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After the successful release of a string of singles already this year, Swedish artist Noomi continues to provide poignant alternative-pop music with her debut EP ‘Life Aqua’, a six-track offering that provides a strengthened electronic backdrop whilst charming us with divine organic instrumentation for a wholesome combination of sound.

Featuring previous singles ‘Ride’ and ‘Free At Least’, Noomi delivers four previously unheard tracks that continue where their predecessors left off with gripping and deepened soundscapes with plenty of space and intrigue set through their individual durations. Whilst we are left magnetised by the alluring instrumentation on offer, what truly lifts the EP to its extremely captivating levels are those mesmerising vocals on offer that injects a mammoth amount of suspense into every single melody and lifts the intensity to a whole new dimension overall.

“I was out at sea in the Swedish archipelago thinking about anything but writing. A lot of things had changed in me during those months, and looking back at it now I think I simply wasn’t ready to finish it until then” – Noomi

Stream via: Noomi
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