After months and months of captivating glimpses, KUČKA gives us what we’ve been begging for in the form of her highly anticipated debut album ‘Wrestling’ that is the ultimate summary of what we’ve come to love about her: glitchy cross-genre offerings with haunting vocals that leaves you in awe.

Featuring some collaboration alongside FlumeVegyn (Frank Ocean) and Nosaj Thing, ‘Wrestling’ sees KUČKA brings forth a sell-written, self-produced and self-recorded that involves some serious production chops on display with booming electronic instrumentation providing plenty of power and energy. With these energised foundations set in place, ‘Wrestling’ is the ultimate display of KUČKA‘s flawless vocals which move through the mix effortlessly that give you goosebumps every time they float through your speakers.

“Wrestling is a deeply personal album and releasing it feels like I’m passing around my diary for everyone to read –liberating and vulnerable at the same time. It’s introspective but with a little bit of party along the way and really touches the full spectrum of emotions that come with so much change. My hope is that as people immerse themselves in the world, they connect not only to the music and lyrics, but also themselves.” – KUČKA

Stream: Soothsayer
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