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With remixes for the likes of Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth and Oh Wonder under his belt, Jerry Folk comes through with news of his first full-length LP as well as the first glimpse in ‘Everything’, a quirky and mysterious offering that sees his side project FENGSEL step up to the plate on collaborative duties.

Jerry Folk provides a multi-faceted approach to ‘Everything’, with a vast array of influence apparent through the use of off-kilter percussion combining with hypnotic synths swirling their way around the soundscape to lure you in with much awe. He shifts things up a notch in the pivotal sections of the piece, injecting various shades of colour into the spectrum with vibrant synths, rising bass and charismatic guitars that ultimately showcase complete confidence in his unique sound on offer.

It also comes with his first ever music video!  

“I made this single a couple of years ago at a time where I was experiencing a little overwhelming sadness and locked myself in the studio to make music that made me feel better. I was very inspired by music videos and nature at the time and wanted to capture how I felt and create a universe for the feeling to exist in. This kickstarted my idea for the album and the idea for my new side project, Fengsel. The single, album and side project will all be involved in my debut album called Fengsel.” – Jerry Folk

Stream via: Folkestad Recordings
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