Let’s get the weekend started that little bit earlier courtesy of the latest releases from Brisbane producer Jbox in ‘It’s Like Sun’ and ‘Driver’, two highly spirited and energised releases that are filled with scintillating electronic instrumentation that injects a healthy dose of positivity into your system. 

Within both of these singles, Jbox cleverly finds a way to both give them their own space and individuality whilst finding a way to meld the two into each other to let the good times flow. ‘It’s Like Sun’ sets the mood just right, with the stabs and surging synths implementing a liveliness into the spectrum which is further exemplified with the addictive groove from the drums. As we flow in ‘Driver’, the intensity shifts in a subtle manner through the off-kilter change up in the percussion intertwining with the haunting vocal samples that crescendos into a playful yet mysterious drop filled with an extraordinary amount of colour.

‘”It’s Like Sun’ is the main single and is a song that symbolises for me a sense of feeling like myself again. The sun represents a feeling of warmth and clarity that comes with reconnecting with your identity and what it means to be you, and the goal was to capture this sonically! ‘Driver’ is a track I’ve had in my unreleased catalogue for some time. I’ve always felt a connection to it, the mood of the song and its platter of melodic textures reminds me of a lot of good times spent with friends.” – Jbox

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