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Following on from his recent collaboration with fellow Melbournian Dugong Jr, Melbourne artist IJALE continues to shine in 2021 with the release of the incredibly smooth ‘MI GORENG’ that sparkles on various fronts with its pristine production and vocal delivery throughout.

IJALE sets a sultry mood immediately in the early stages of ‘MI GORENG’ through the use of enticing guitars, shiny chimes and his polished vocals that produce copious amounts of swagger across the mix with their free-flowing approach. With a subtle R&B-inspired groove making its presence known in the background of ‘MI GORENG’, IJALE exerts a high amount of confidence in his approach both melodically and instrumentally that ensures the highest of quality in this carefree release.

“I had moved back to my folks place and it felt like I was taking two steps back, but on the other hand I had started to get more traction with my music after I had finished studying and I began to get a solid team around me, so there were wins mixed in with the losses.” – IJALE

Stream: Daily Nightly
Artist Connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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