Fresh off the recent release of the ultra smooth ‘Ceramic’ last month, Melbourne-based producer Dugong Jr continues to come through with some of the most underrated music going around with his brand new single ‘Love Lost’, the latest glimpse of his forthcoming EP ‘Polite’ which features the sultry vocals of fellow Melbournian Blush’ko, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record shows the producer raising the bar that little bit extra yet again.

‘Love Lost’ sees Dugong Jr couple those utterly irresistible vocals of Blush’ko with vivacious beats and a thick synth bass that injects the laid-back groove into the tempo for an infectiousness that hooks you in from the minute it first hits. With subtle uses of bubbly vocal samples that add splashes of colour to the murky soundscape, Dugong Jr configures his mix to perfection in allowing a podium for his ever-growing production skillset as well as Blush’ko‘s captivating vocals without the two colliding.

‘Love Lost’ is centred around a theme of temptation and “impure thoughts”. The vibe is both upbeat and dark, it’s gritty but polished and aims to capture a mood of temptation. Everything from the sound design to the theme of Blush’ko’s lyrics are constructed to conjure up imagery of a character falling to the perils of monogamy. I first heard Blush’ko back in 2018 when he performed with Goldlink for Triple J ‘Like A Version’, and was absolutely blown away. I’ve been trying to work with him ever since, and am extremely grateful that he blessed me with his beautiful voice for this collaboration.’ – Dugong Jr

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