German producer Claptone has had quite the busy year already with several releases already under his belt, and is continuing the strong trend this week with a brand new collaboration in ‘Golden’ with London-based duo Two Another on the vocal front for a pop-influenced offering that is a synth lovers dream.

‘Golden’ injects a liveliness immediately from the beginning with the arpeggiated synth bass rolling its way through the foundations of the piece in cohesion with the snappy percussion that implements plenty of groove throughout. Claptone builds on this podium through a vibrant use of synths that energise the soundscape significantly alongside the laid-back vocals of Two Another that provide plenty of charisma to the extremely confident mix on offer.

‘Golden’ is a very positive and powerful song. You remember all the difficult moments you had to go through and you realise how they made you much stronger…My hope is that, when you lose yourself in the rhythm and melody of the song, ‘Golden’ warms your heart, fills you with hope and joy, and makes you feel bright’ – Claptone

Stream via: Different Recordings
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