Fresh off his inclusion in Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky festival on April 24th, Australian producer Wave Racer returns to our hearts with a playful new offering titled ‘Left Behind’, a track that leans towards a pop edge but maintains his quirky instrumentation that we’ve come to love about him.

‘Left Behind’ basks in a warm glow throughout its entire journey, comprised of uplifting synths and off-kilter percussion that sets the joyful nature in tact whilst being heightened further through the use of enticing vocal samples and screeching guitars that set the mix alight. 

“I was forced into a major identity transformation very rapidly and the song describes that experience and the unhealthy coping mechanisms associated with it…I wanted the lyrics to be as honest and self-aware as possible, and sonically I think I managed to capture the sense of feverish anxiety and uncertainty that many of us probably feel during transformative times. Exploring new sounds and textures felt like the best way to complement the discovery of a new sense of self.” – Wave Racer

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