Fresh off the release of his EP ‘Forever Flame’ late last year, US producer Rome in Silver brings forth an energetic collaboration with Russian multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter/producer Biicla titled ‘Colorblind’, a track that provides elements of elegance and off-kilter glitches for a ultra-vibrant composition.

With an emphasis on an upbeat ‘drum & bass’ styled groove held in the drums, ‘Colorblind’ enforces plenty of movement from all of those in its path with its infectiousness whilst injecting a hefty amount of colour through the vibrant synths and bass on offer. Providing that final yet pivotal piece of the puzzle are those intoxicating vocals that highlight the quirky nature that ‘Colorblind’ centres itself around.

It’s a step forward because I don’t do many collaborations unless it’s with someone who I feel would compliment my style well…I’m a big fan of Biicla and I think this is just the first of many between him and me.” – Rome in Silver

Stream via: Bitbird
Rome in Silver: Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter
Biicla: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud

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