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After already treating us to ‘Tightrope’ earlier this year, Los Angeles artist Paper Idol returns yet again with another fresh tune in ‘James Bond’ that provides plenty of life and groove throughout its uplifting odyssey.

With plenty of funk and disco influence on offer, ‘James Bond’ oozes a hefty amount of confidence and swagger with its ‘in your face’ demeanour. Through the use of crunchy percussion, smooth bass line, striking synths and soaring vocals smashing you across the face, Paper Idol finds a way to lock you in immediately and you can’t help but losing yourself to the pristine production on offer.

“James Bond is the third chapter of the story in my upcoming EP, Mania Days. It’s a dark comedy about a musician who’s mistaken for a spy and captured by a bloodthirsty double agent. The James Bond films have so many ridiculous tropes, so it was fun to pull apart the story and turn it on its head” – Paper Idol

Stream: Cloudkid
Artist Connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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