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Canadian LA-based electronic producer One True God continues to leave fans spellbound with his darkened new single ‘Everytime’, a murky and mysterious offering with swarming bass and drums taking control of the mix alongside those haunting vocals on offer.

‘Everytime’ doesn’t waste a second in ensuring an intense and thrilling soundscape throughout the duration of the journey, with thick bass and synths stabbing their way through the mix with sheer force in cohesion with the deepened drums held in the foundations. What puts ‘Everytime’ into a whole new dimension is those eerie vocals by One True God that scatter themselves above the mix with a fog like effect, slowly but surely creating the scary sensations that truly magnify the release to astronomical heights.

“This was a fun one to create and has some throwback vibes to the first OTG track I released. Couldn’t be happier to release it on Night Mode, as they have quickly become my favourite label to work with.” – One True God

Stream via: Night Mode
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