Coming through with a change of pace as compared to previous releases, LA producer Mickey Valen returns for the first time in 2021 alongside neverwaves for ‘Fumes’ – an alternative delight with plenty of edginess and buzzing instrumentation that is as catchy as ever.

‘Fumes’ utilises a mix of electronic and alt-pop influence throughout its swift duration, with swooping basses combining with crunchy electric guitars to provide plenty of force in the key sections of the track. With neverwaves’ playful approach to his carefree melodies striking an immediate chord with the listeners, Mickey Valen makes the most of this by jam-packing the mix with plenty of intensification that shatters the soundscape right down to its core.

“Fumes is a song about being in denial. It’s about warping reality into something it isn’t. You hold onto each other for dear life, trying not to think about the fact that in the end, the relationship won’t last. You run on fumes for so long that you lose all sense of yourselves”. – neverwaves

Stream via: CloudKid
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