With only a couple more weeks until here highly anticipated debut album ‘Wrestling’ drops, KUČKA continues to provide fans with captivating glimpses of what’s in store with her brand new single ‘Eternity’, a gloomy electronic offering that showcases the rawness of her vocals at their absolute best.

KUČKA utilises a stripped back instrumentation base throughout the duration of ‘Eternity’ which proves to be quite the masterstroke in allowing her haunting vocals to drive the gripping narrative held within the melodies that playfully bounce around the mix. With crisp beats, lively vocal samples and swooping synths matching the rises in intensification from KUČKA‘s vocals, ‘Eternity’ is as well-rounded as they come and leaves us wanting more.

“I had super intense visuals for this track throughout the writing process. It always felt very sensual, intimate, and close. I wanted to get the sense of being in a comfortable and safe place when the world outside feels cold and distant. The idea of the clips repeating was something that developed later on as I was piecing the edit together. By increasing the speed of the clips over the video it gave me the anxious feeling of how quickly time passes and how much I always replay my favourite memories over and over in my head.” – KUČKA

KUČKA’s debut album ‘Wrestling’ is out this April 30 via Soothsayer / LuckyMe. Click HERE to pre-save.

Stream: Soothsayer
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