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Following on from a jam-packed 2020 which saw an impressive 22 releases come to life, anonymous producer juuku gives fans what they’ve been begging for in the form of his debut EP ‘Warmth’, a seven-track sonic odyssey full of uplift and atmospheric bliss that also features a visually-stimulating VR experience to go with it.

From the second that ‘Arrival’ begins, the tone for the duration of the EP in set in place with a sombre yet angelic soundscape coming through your speakers with a contrasting balance between the electronic and organic instrumentation becoming a pivotal cornerstone throughout the rest of the project. With moments of relaxation and contemplation leading beautifully into uplift and surging energy, juuku balances the tightrope with absolute ease to produce one of the most well-rounded offerings that we’ve seen in some time.

‘Warmth’ comes not only with the spine-tingling audio, but the stunning visual accompaniment of the VR experience that is a real treat for fans. With some really stunning backdrops full of vibrancy and energy, juuku goes full circle on this latest project by covering all bases that raises the bar significantly for all those in their path.

Stream: Moving Castle
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