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With his brand new EP ‘Zero’ arriving imminently, Dutch producer and DJ Jengi gives us one more taste in the form of his brand new single ‘Waiting’, a disco-fuelled delight full of colour and groove that is further accentuated by the nostalgic music video.

There’s so much to love about ‘Waiting’, so let’s begin with the carefree attitude of the track. Jengi doesn’t choose to overcomplicate the instrumentation on offer, and rather tactically combine each and every element together to take us all on a profound sonic journey. With a plethora of synths spreading themselves around each inch of the mix, ‘Carefree’ furthers its injection of positivity through an ultra charismatic bass line that oozes so much flavour, whilst providing an airiness in those majestic vocals that float with ease above the soundscape.

“Waiting describes our desires and journey of going back to normal life during the pandemic. At the beginning it has a bumpy vibe, finally the song changes into a more dreamy and peaceful end. The videoclip visualises 3 emotions of the  pandemic: Hope, frustration and finally relief.” – Jengi

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