London-based producer Ed Wells follows up from the much acclaimed debut EP ‘Home’ last year with his first offering of 2021 in ‘Tougher’, a lively offering full of ambient bliss inspired by the mental battles of the pandemic that sees London producer Manüka enlisted on collaborative duties.

‘Tougher’ holds plenty of inspirational messaging within its core, whilst contrasting this with an uplifting soundscape full of optimism and positivity created in the groovy percussion and energetic instrumentation on offer. After a more mellowed out and sombre beginning period with minimal instrumentation, both artists shift things into a colourful dimension once the stirring vocals intertwine with the jam-packed production on offer.

“I find the idea of resilience fascinating, because I see it manifesting in totally different ways in different people, and it is something I have developed more of through the pandemic” – Ed Wells

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