Melbourne-based producer Dugong Jr has consistently been able to raise the bar through each and every release of late, and in the case of his brand new single ‘Ceramic’ the trend is as strong as ever with this smooth as hell delight that features rising hip-hop artist IJALE on the vocal front.

There is so much to love about ‘Ceramic’, such as the carefree flow carried through the smooth percussion or the charismatic melodies that melt like butter through the mix. Dugong Jr‘s production output is showcased at extremely high levels, moving through a murky soundscape of booming bass lines to implemented sparkling guitars to subtly implement extra shades of colour throughout the four-minute duration.

‘‘Thematically ‘Ceramic’ for me is about this idea of presenting a confident and unphased public facade, but deep down feeling quite fragile and vulnerable. Kind of living on a knifes edge because you yearn for that sense of identity that a meaning relationship could bring, but are also afraid of what you might lose trying to get there.’ – Dugong Jr

Stream: Moving Castle
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