After releasing three huge singles in 2020, Australian duo Boo Seeka are back this week with an infectious upbeat offering titled ‘Don’t Waste Your Love’ – a sun-drenched delight full of groove that sees them team up with Golding.

‘Don’t Waste Your Love’ centres itself around an uncompromising partnership of synths and bass that provides copious amounts of colour from the word go, whilst the soaring vocals travel majestically across the soundscape. Depicting a message of human sadness, Boo Seeka and Golding contrast this heavy message with the crispy beats that set up plenty of groove and movement to be enjoyed by all within its path.

“Jay (Golding) and I were hanging out at his house one day and before we knew it, we were getting pretty deep and opening up about a lot of personal stuff that has happened in our separate lives over the last year.  I guess for both of us the best way to deal with that stuff is to write about it – so that’s exactly what we did. The whole song was written in twenty minutes.” – Boo Seeka

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