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It’s no secret at all that we’re big fans of the work that Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Billy Fox has been producing over the last few years, but in the case of his new single ‘Neighbourhood’ we think he has raised the bar to astronomical heights!

‘Neighbourhood’ provides a sultry tone with Fox showcasing all facets of his vocal range, including those utterly irresistible falsetto tones that keep getting better and better with each release. Instrumentally, Fox compiles a heavy amount of depth in his composition to produce a groovy yet electrifying soundscape full of buzzing synths, silky-smooth bass lines and crispy percussion that you can’t help but find yourself tapping your feet to. 

“There’s been a period recently where a lot of us have gone back to close quarters, spent more time at home and had more of an obvious connection to local neighbourhoods and communities. In this space, it also allowed us to reflect on and think about some pretty big issues and ideas, collectively, as a society. It feels like an important time so this song is a reflection on that” – Billy Fox

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