Recently we were treated to a single & video called ‘How To Feel’ by New York artist Zuli Jr., which I kinda fell in love with, and I’m excited this week to see Zuli Jr. has a brand new single and music video for us called ‘Blue Sky’, which also comes with news of his sophomore album “Stop it God.” heading our way in May – blue skies indeed! 

“‘Blue Sky’ was written at my breaking point. I was completely lost yet keeping up appearances on social media as if everything was better than ever. Losing my peace of mind, while trying to use likes and comments to fill a hole and reinforce my self-worth. The song and video reflects on this facade we all put on in one way or another. The perception of ourselves we put out into the world and embracing the vulnerability of actually being.” – Zuli Jr.

Out Now Via: Nurtured Ideas
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
Photo credit: Kimberly Young Sun

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