Acid Stag Radio narou – ‘running in circles’ daste. – butterfly (so free) [premiere] Chores – Crave Me (feat. Jezzabell Doran) SG Lewis – ‘Lifetime’ Gorillaz – ‘Queen Baby’

Mysterious UK dance duo Wh0 utilises quite a robust instrumentation full of vigour in their infectious new single ‘Out Of Time’, a track that is perfect for the nightclubs across the globe which also features the vocals of Clementine Douglas.

‘Out Of Time’ has all the necessary requirements needed for a fortified club banger – a thick and juicy bass line, smashing four to the floor dance beat and hypnotic melodies that cement their place in your memory immediately on your first exposure to them. With all of these elements combined, we are left with a severely strengthened mix that cannot and will not be broken apart. 

Stream: Wh0 Plays Records
Artist Connect: Facebook I Twitter I Instagram | Soundcloud

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