Fresh off the release of ‘Rollin’ with Reo Cragun, Australian born / Los Angeles based producer Two Can continues to bring forth the good vibes with his latest single ‘Your Only Option’ – a 3 minute offering drenched in summertime goodness that will guaranteed lift your spirits.

Centred around the laid-back vocals that soar across the mix in a carefree manner, ‘Your Only Option’ provides a positivity and freshness through a groovy instrumentation base of groovy percussion, super-smooth bass lines and rejuvenating synths that when combined together transport you to a better state of mind.

‘Your Only Option was a love child my friend Brandyn Burnette and I made. We linked up in North Hollywood last year (pre COVID) and wrote the hook you hear in the intro the harmonies together. We absolutely loved the vibe of the harmonies and decided to write a full song around it! We met up a few more times in the next few days worked late nights, got super drunk, and made what we think to be something really special. Its an indie-pop grab that will leave anyone feeling better after listening!’.  Two Can

Stream: Sunset Parade
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One thought on “Two Can – ‘Your Only Option’

  1. Paolo says:

    Awesome stuff!!! I love it

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