Tommy Trash has teamed up with UK singer/songwriter Daisy Guttridge for the banging new house anthem called ‘Hiiigh’ which is being released via a new label that deadmau5 has just launched called “hau5trap”. 

As Tommy reveals below this song came about after a time of rediscovery, which I feel is something we all need to reflect on every now and then…

“Two years ago I took some time out to recharge and refocus my life. I had been through some crazy times, and was dealing with some stuff that had really screwed with my mojo. I ended up heading to South America to do some Ayahuasca ceremonies. Life changing would be an understatement, to say the least. Aya really opened up my perception to a wider state of being and helped me refocus my life. ‘Hiiigh’ is a reflection of that moment in time – an ode to the process of rediscovery.” – Tommy Trash

Out Now Via: hau5trap
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