Belgian producer Taska Black has teamed up with Los Angeles artist Emma Sameth for quite an impressive new song called ‘Heavy Hearted’ which is sure to hit a few of the sweet spots with its chilled yet vibrant sounds.

Taska’s production really shines on this one, it’s delicate yet powerful, and he’s left enough space for Emma’s angelic voice to breathe which has helped create this invigorating listening experience. 

“When I first heard the demo that Emma initially wrote it felt like she was explaining things in my life that I hadn’t been able to put into words yet. I sat down and started playing piano over the vocals and the lyrics and the story connected so naturally with me that the music almost wrote itself in my head.” – Task Black

“Heavy Hearted’ tells the story of someone whose identity has changed to conform to modern life. Longing to present the version of myself to the world before I became jaded, hurt, and cynical, as if that would make me more loveable or attractive in some way. Coincidentally, writing and listening to this song actually helped me recognise that part in myself – the one who often considers the past as rosy and perfect and the present as consistently flawed – which luckily gives that habit less hold.” – Emma Sameth

Stream: Taska Black
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