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Two very talented Australian artists, Taka Perry and Stevan, have teamed up and created this super fun and very awesome new song called ‘Twenty’ which is basically a big “fuck you” to the year that was 2020, and I’m sure everyone can appreciate that sentiment in more than a few ways. 

Take Perry gives us some insight into the collaboration; “I’ve been a huge fan of Stevan since he released Timee in 2019 and have always wanted to work with him. We finally had the chance to get into the studio at the start of 2021 and immediately hit it off. Our creative workflow is almost identical with us favouring quick decisions, rather than procrastinating on any one element so was nice to work with someone that decisive. Twenty is our big f**k you to the year that was. Obviously no one was expecting the amount of hardship brought upon the whole globe throughout 2020, especially our music community, so we wanted to commemorate the misery with the funnest, most high energy thing we could possibly create.”

And Stevan adds, “Twenty is about the spectacle of a year that was 2020. I talk about my personal hardships during that year and try to laugh through it, over an amazing instrumental by Taka.” 

Let’s turn this one up real loud and bounce!

Out Now Via: Risque Music / TMRW Music
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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