Fresh off a smashing performance at this years SXSW, Australian artists Ninajirachi & Kota Banks continue to amaze us with every release through their powerful and commanding new single ‘Slytherin’, a swift two and a half minute banger that packs a serious punch with its emphatic force.

‘Slytherin’ smashes through from the word go with the booming drum and bass combination that sets the fire in place before it well and truly ignites in the chorus that provides some of the most memorable and fierce lyrics we’ve come across this year. With Ninajirachi‘s penetrating production smashing through your speakers combining with Kota Banks‘ enforcing melodies, ‘Slytherin’ takes full flight once Banks powers through with her highly impressive rap that leaves you gobsmacked and praying for more of this in their forthcoming Deluxe EP.

“Slytherin is a track that we wrote at the same time as we were creating the original True North EP. I think we were on the Pottermore website seeing which houses we would be if we were in Harry Potter – essentially super delirious at the studio, one thing led to another and Slytherin was born! Kota already had the second verse written and brought it into work on. We wanted to make something really unique, push ourselves to the very edges of our sanity and see how that would translate as music. Opus was our starting point playing with darker and more spoken lyrical content, but I feel like we took it to next level with this one. Our joint instagram handle was actually originally “dumbledoreisdaddy” as a subtle shout out to this song, so it’s a special one in our catalogue.” – Ninajirachi & Kota Banks

Stream via: Ninajirachi & Kota Banks 
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