In a period of time where a lot of us need to take a step back and reassess at our own pace, Australian/Iraqi producer Motez has come through with anthemic offering titled ‘Give Me Space’ that is extremely relatable in todays climate which features the captivating vocals of The Kite String Tangle.

‘Give Me Space’ utilises a wide range of influence in its composition, providing listeners with a throwback to the 80s with a heavy synth presence and thumping percussion raising the intensity significantly that blends into The Kite String Tangle‘s mesmerising vocals with ease. Motez manages to maintain that driving energy throughout the full duration whilst providing momentary reprieve with classical elements that add a divine layer to the already pristine mix on offer.

I’ve been a big fan of The Kite String Tangle since his first release; I really connect with his music and his work ethic. ‘Give Me Space‘ was the result of me wanting to mix his beautiful voice with my take on 80s inspired dance music, something that I have been listening to a lot lately. Think lots of chorus effects, lots of arpeggios and big, gated snares. Thematically, it’s a song about wanting space to figure out things in life. I felt like this was quite on point for me after our world was turned upside down over the last year. However, I was able to hone in on what I really want creatively and get back to what I truly loved about making music.– Motez

Stream: Sweat It Out!
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