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Alternative-pop trio Kero Kero Bonito deliver plenty of colour and energy through to their first single of 2021 in ‘The Princess and the Clock’, a powerful synth-driven track that packs in plenty of drive and uplift that you simply want to fully immerse yourself in upon the first listen.

‘The Princess and the Clock’ has a clear and concise focus on blistering synths and pounding percussion that collectively provides a significant amount of force into the already highly energetic mix on offer. Featuring Sarah Bonito‘s enchanting vocals that magnetise us with each and every note, ‘The Princess and the Clock’ transports itself into a whole new millennium with its futuristic soundscape blasting off through a wall of sound in the chorus that shifts the intensity into overdrive.

“The Princess and the Clock is the tale of a young explorer who is kidnapped while sailing the world, imprisoned at the top of a tower, and worshipped as royalty by an isolated society. Trapped in her chamber, she spends years dreaming of escaping, until one day she disappears. A legend of our own invention, “The Princess and the Clock” was written before Covid emerged, though the long, lonely hours and escapist dreams its protagonist experiences will be relatable to many right now. It’s a song for anyone who has ever felt trapped, lost, and alone.” – Kero Kero Bonito

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