LA-based duo Emotional Oranges have always found a way to leave us stunned with their astonishing R&B stylings, and in the case of their brand new single ‘Body & Soul’ (featuring Biig Pigg) they continue to raise the bar that little bit higher with an utterly irresistible offering.

From the word go, ‘Body & Soul’ delivers the soul and groove into the piece with a smooth as butter bass line combining with the crunchy beats to create a formidable duo, whilst utilising the captivating vocals to magnetise us that little bit further. Emotional Oranges create plenty of warmth through the keys, as well as the contrast between the male and female vocals that creates an inviting environment for all to bask amongst.

“We dm’d Jess after hearing her song “Don’t Turn Around” and she happened to have just moved to LA from London. We made two dope ideas the first day we got in the studio and have become close ever since – she’s an unbelievably talented writer and an overall great human. The “Body & Soul” hook was actually the bridge for the first track we did and we decided to build around that for an entirely new song. The feel good, carefree energy reminds me of “Motion” and “Personal” and I’m glad we were able to bring that back for JUICEBOX.” – Emotional Oranges

Stream: Avant Garden / Island Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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