Following on from the darkened ‘Beneath the Moon & Me’, psych/indie-pop artist Blood Cultures continues to leave us guessing with his contrasting new single ‘Set It On Fire’, a lo-fi delight with plenty of optimism in the soundscape that is the latest glimpse of his forthcoming project ‘LUNO’.

‘Set It On Fire’ brings forth a warming sensation in the early stages of the piece, with a welcoming groove present in the percussion that is ignited further through the sublime bass line and glowing keys that meld in beautifully with the gentle melodies that soar across the soundscape. Contrasting from the uplifting nature of the music, the accompanying music video delves deeper into the emotional message into the toxicity of masculinity through a father-son relationship.

“It’s a critical look at nihilism and the choice of ignorance in the age of information. People often forget or choose to ignore their own power, but change is possible only through accepting your responsibility to yourself and the world around you. The main theme of the new project LUNO is about change through death and resurrection. Sometimes you have to let things burn, to see what comes from the ashes.” – Blood Cultures

Stream: Pack Records
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