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The mysteriousness continues in 2021 for psych/indie-pop artist Blood Cultures who returns with a mind-bending new single in ‘Beneath The Moon & Me’, a track that pushes the conventional boundaries of composition and instrumentation with moments of madness combining with delicate reprieve, resulting in a twisted journey that leaves you wanting more.

Beginning in an emphatic manner through blistering synths, bass and drums that blast through your speakers, Blood Cultures contrasts this force with a haunting vocal melody that floats majestically above the mix. With an extraordinary amount of colour displayed throughout the journey that is ‘Beneath The Moon & Me’, Blood Cultures showcases all of the skills in their artillery to deliver a well-balanced offering full of intensification and delight that will leave you on a mammoth high.

Stream: Pack Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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