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After a mammoth rise last year with several singles under their belt, Melbourne indie-electronic duo Yuto.continue their ascendency across the scene with their first single of 2021 in ‘Say’, a smooth as butter offering full of infectious grooves and stunning melodies provided by Julia Lostrom.

Drawing echoes of Hayden James in its approach, ‘Say’ maintains a laid-back feel throughout its duration with lively beats setting the tone whilst providing copious amounts of flavour throughout its upbeat composition of robust synth bass and energising keys and pads. Yuto. maintain a minimalistic approach in their instrumentation, a trait that has become synonymous with each and every release they drop, which ensures a lack of over-complication in the general flow of ‘Say’ whilst maintaining a breeziness that makes it so soothing to absorb.   

Stream: Yuto.
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