TWO LANES have teamed up with one of their good friends Kwesi for a gorgeous new song called ‘Another Time’, which might have you thinking it sounds a bit familiar, and you will be right as it is actually a sequel-single to ‘Never Enough’ which was released last year as part of their “Lights” ep.

“With Kwesi we tend to approach songs very freely by just recording loose melody ideas and later fill in the words. The lyrics contain mostly metaphors, expressing an overall longing and emotional-melancholic vibe.” – Two Lanes

“We don’t always get everything we want and hope for. Another Time is about looking to the future and knowing that if we put our heart and mind in the right place, maybe there *is* some time and place for those things to actually happen.” – Kwesi

Considering ‘Another Time’ is a “sequel” let’s do this the right way and listen to ‘Never Enough’ before rolling into ‘Another Time’…. 

out now via: bitbird
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