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Mallrat – Butterfly Blue (lp) Let’s Hear It For The GIRLS V173 Congee – Kwong (ep) Haiku Hands – Bye Bye On Planets – To Leave and Come Back (EP) Jozem – it came to me in a dream (LP)

Just a few weeks ago The Magician gave us his “Magic Tape 100” which featured an assortment of brand-new songs from the likes of Planningtorockwarner caseVan She TechPat LokJean ToniqueFabich and Classixx just to name a few. 

This weekend The Magician will be hosting a “Magic Tape 100” mix marathon which will broadcast music from (almost) all of the “Magic Tape 100” artists over a whopping 13 hours – he can’t tour the album so he’s bringing the tour to you! 
“After releasing the Magic Tape 100, my dream would have been to do the Magic tour and do shows with every producers involved all around the world. But as everyone knows, this is not safe due to COVID. So I’ve decided to do a unique show of 13 hours with a mix from every Magic Tape 100′ participants so you can party from your home all day long!” – The Magician
It kicks off in Australia at 3am AEDT and runs through till 2pm Monday – not the best day to be partying but you can always take a sickie! 

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