Back in November Australian artists Ninajirachi & Kota Banks teamed up for a collaborative ep called “True North”, which is already quite generous with its seven-track collection of electro-pop-tronica, but we’ve just received word that they are coming back to us in April with a “deluxe” version of that release, and this week they’re giving us a taste of what we can expect with new single ‘Secretive’.

“Secretive!” is a song that we wrote at the very start of our collaborative journey! We both adored it immediately, but given it’s vibrance and more dance-focused edge we didn’t feel that it shared the same DNA as the other songs on the True North project: it was more like their outrageous second cousin… and we knew so definitively that we wanted to release it that it actually inspired the whole “deluxe” idea! It really evolves our ever-growing world, True North, perfectly, and it’s so fantastically fun to play live.” 

Stream via: Ninajirachi & Kota Banks 
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