Over the last few months Australian newcomer Nick Ward has been building us up for the release his debut ep, “Everything I Wish I Told You”, which has finally arrived this week, and it sure has been worth the wait.   

This is a beautiful collection of music. Each of its songs is brimming with honest heart-felt emotion, which can actually make you feel like you’re a part of each song as Nick Ward reveals his struggles with his sense of masculinity, his sexuality and discovering who he really is…   

“It was important to me that every song came from a different palette of sounds and emotions, but still felt cohesive. Acoustic guitar was the main thread pulling all of these songs together, as well as hip-hop influenced production and baroque flourishes.

The project begins with the real audio of my birth, and poses the lyric “Do you know who you are?”, which brings me to the main theme of the project: identity. I’m 19 years old, so it wasn’t too long ago that I was attending an all-boys school that warped my sense of masculinity and sexuality, and made my ‘coming out’ pretty convoluted.

The finale track, ‘Aubrey Plaza’ closes with the same question the project begins with – do I know who I am? The short answer is no, but I think that it’s the interrogation of that question that will bring me closer. I really hope you love it.” – Nick Ward

Stream via: Hunnydew
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